A girl could get used to a steady diet of Jack Quinn for breakfast!

Freelance book editor, Christine Davies, was excited to leave her noisy condo complex in Boston to spend a quiet summer in Cozy Harbor, Rhode Island. She planned to soak up the sea air and make a dent in her backlog of work.

What she wasn’t counting on was having a surprise housemate! A sexy, drop-dead, gorgeous, hunky sea captain named Jack Quinn.

Living with sex in a pair of topsiders was a distraction she didn’t need. Legend has it that Jack’s a typical sailor. The sea is his only mistress and he has a girl in every port.

If she gave into temptation, would she be just another one or could she be the one to turn him into a landlubber? With all the crazy people at the marina cheering her on, could it be possible?

"Sammie Grace is at again. Lively story telling and a laugh a minute at the Cozy Harbor Marina."

-Leakin' Lena

"So happy to hear about what all the characters have been up to in Cozy Harbor. Sammie didn't let me down with another rollicking romantic comedy."

-Kaley W.